• If the vendors want to participate in the Dealmoon Night Market, how long do you need to contact us in advance?

Please contact our staff at least one month before the event date.

  • What does Dealmoon provide for the vendor?

One 10ft tent, one 8ft tables, two chairs, one plug that can be used for appliances that do not exceed 2000Watts.

  • What do vendors need to bring?

A water-filled hand washing station, floor lamp, extension cord, hand soap, water bucket, bleach, kitchen towels, 3 bus tubs, fire extinguisher, spare kitchen utensils and cutlery, gloves, 2x8 or 2x6 banner (don't forget the zip-ties and pipes), Chinese and English menus (poster size), food thermometer, iron bucket (for coal), iron bucket (for hot oil) purchase receipts for inventory on the day of the event (traders without licensed kitchen on TFP)

  • What do dealmoon recommend the vendor to buy?

Clean washing station: https://www.amazon.com/Coleman-5-Gallon-Collapsible-Water-Carrier/dp/B000088O9Y/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1541193433&sr=8-4&keywords=water+carrier

  • What time do the vendors need to arrive at? What’s the earliest time possible?

Vendors need to arrive at least 2 hours in advance. Eg. Please arrive before 2PM if the event starts at 4PM. The setup time can be as early as 10 am.

  • How to prepare and store the food to ensure they pass the inspection by the Health Department?

Food needs to maintain at a temperature below 45 degrees or above 145 degrees during transportation and on-site preparation. The temperature cannot be in between the these two.

  • Is it possible to bring something that was not written on the approved permit?

No, it is required that the vendors write what they want to sell on the health permit application form.

  • If vendors do not have established food businesses, can they prepare at a central kitchen to participate in the night market?

As long as the central kitchen meets the regulations, Dealmoon allows vendors to participate in night markets without food businesses.

  • How do vendors participate in the event online promotions, when do the vendors need to submit pictures and descriptions?

Dealmoon recommend that vendors should provide photos and descriptions of the food they are selling to Dealmoon staff at least 20 days before the event.

  • Can the vendors bring their own generators?

The vendors need to apply for permits at the government building department in order to use their own generators. Only generator with permits can be used on site. Otherwise, If vendors need additional circuits, they vendors should purchase them separately from Dealmoon in advance.

  • Can the vendors rent fire extinguishers, freezers from Dealmoon?


  • Does Dealmoon ensure that the number of vendors in the same category does not exceed a certain percentage?

Dealmoon will make sure that the number of beverage vendors do not to exceed 30% of the total number of vendors, barbecue vendor no more than 20%

  • When will power be available for vendors on site?

This depends on the third-party power supply company; Dealmoon will ensure that all businesses will be powered 2 hours before the event.

  • What if the power disconnects?

Dealmoon will have an electrician’s phone number on site, and he will arrive at your booth within 10 minutes after contacting to help you resolve the issue.